Majorette is Back & How!!!

Majorette 2022 India Release with 'Chase Camaro'

It was start of November 2022 and suddenly some collectors found latest stock of #Majorette on pegs. Fresh stock available in India officially after one and half year!!!

New Land Rover Defender 90
Majorette Land Rover Defender 90

Starved for fresh arrivals at reasonable price, suddenly, all Collectors started liking Majorettes (which wasn’t the crowd favorite in India till now!). Priced slightly higher than before due to BIS certification and other factors like inflation (hiked by appx 30-40%), it still seems to be a good Value-for-Money product.

Black Land Rover Defender 90 from the Majorette’s Racing Series is undoubtedly a sure-shot hit from this release and it’s on the wish-list of almost every collector. Those who managed to get one early were lucky enough while others are still looking for it desperately. Next in line is another Defender 90 but in stock version and with metallic green color. This one is my personal favorite too!

Also desirable is the Camper version of VW T3 van in orange color with sliding door. While this is a high roof one, there is also a flat roof version of it which comes along with a trailer of caravan.

Majorette 2022 India Release with 'Chase Camaro'
Majorette 2022 India Release with ‘Chase Camaro’

A surprising superstar of the lot is Formula-E racing car of Team Mahindra. This is a special one as it’s the 1st Indian Formula-E car and is being made available by Majorette for us collectors. Those very few lucky ones who managed to get it on pegs are very excited about possessing it and will surely see a huge demand for it in future.

Not to be left behind are the Majorette Street Cars Series of MRP Rs. 199 which includes Suzuki Swift in yellow color, Hyundai i30N in white color, Isuzu DMax pickup in a lovely red color, Jeep Wrangler in yellow color and the Toyota Hiace in Green color.

Other good ones include all VWs & Campers, Man Buses, Majorette Deluxe series, attractive 5 Cars Gift packs and some from Majorette Premium series cars like Maybach G650 Landaulet, Mercedes E Class All terrain Wagon, Volvo V90 Wagon, McLaren Senna, Lamborghini Urus, etc.

Last but not the least is the introduction of “CHASE CAR” by Majorette (equivalent to limited production, Treasure Hunt seriesTHs & STHs of Hot Wheels) which is Rose Gold Edition of Chevrolet Camaro having number “22” on its front doors indicating the year of release. Majorette although was available officially in India till 2020 but there never really was a Chase car from them till then. Now that they have introduced a chase car and also available officially here, this Chevrolet Camaro is officially the 1st Chase car of Majorette in India. This one surely has to be the most important casting from a collector’s perspective. Lack of awareness initially left them on pegs for slightly longer than expected but in no time they all vanished from everywhere as people gained knowledge about it.

So which one is your favourite? Which ones you possess? And which ones are on your wishlist?

P. S.: Availability of Majorette collection officially also gives high hopes to all collectors about availability of other brands like Hot Wheels & Matchbox too. Looks like, good old days are not far away!!!

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  1. arkach1990 says:

    I share a long relation with AB since the time when Crazy4Diecast used to be Wheelsandwings. Some of my all time priceless collections have come from his den. Unlike the most important thing about him is he doesn’t consider this website as a merely 1:64 collectibles selling portal but he takes care of our emotions as well along with being pocket friendly 🤣😎
    And this can be done only by that man who at least once in lifetime has been blessed by a “Secret Santa”. 😍
    I do purchase from him a lot, and will continue doing the same. 😇

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Arka Bro. Our real earning is earning of friends + Brothers like you and other collectors. We continue to bind by our values and continue serving at our best.

    For the collector, by a collector..

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